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Application for New Studios

You are invited to apply for the 18th Annual Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour to be held Sept. 13, 14 & 15, 2019. The annual Artist fee is $100.00. Applications must be submitted online by Monday March 25th. There is no application fee.

Email to

Please note: Studios must be located within 30 miles of the Courthouse Square to be included in the Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour and must be private working studios not open to the public on a regular basis.

Artists must apply separately for each medium of work and work will be juried separately in each medium. For example, if you make jewelry and make candles you will need to apply for each category. On the other hand, if two artists work together to create one medium of work (for example, pottery), you will only need to apply for one medium.

The Artists Committee will review applications as they are received. Artists selected will be notified the first week of April and arrangements will be made at that time for the committee to visit the studio to complete the jurying the following week.

Applications must include 5 digital images of artist’s work, 2 images of artist’s studio (one outside and one of the inside working area), and a written artist’s statement outlined below. All photos must be submitted in jpeg. format and must have the artists last name included in the file name.

Please provide your Artist’s statement ready for publication in the “Guide to Artists’ Studios” and on the this web site. We suggest you review the 2018 Guide to Artists’ Studios and the artist information on the website to get a sample of what is needed.

Your statement should include brief biographical information including your education, experience in your craft, any awards or honors received; a description of the process used to produce your art or craft; and a description of your studio and your demonstration/presentation that visitors will see when they visit your studio. Your artist statement should be ready to publish.

Please provide a map and written directions to your studio from the Courthouse Square in Mountain View. This should include the distance and estimated driving time from the Courthouse Square in Mountain View.

It is important to note any difficulties visitors may encounter on your road or on the grounds of your studio such as steps, rough terrain, long walk from parking area, etc.

Format: Please use an MS Word compatible program (saves in .doc format) for your artist statement and JPEG format for the photos you submit. If you have any questions about this, please call Becki at (870) 615-4825 or email


Download the application here.