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Charles & Linda Widmer – Widmer’s Jewelry

CoinCharles and Linda are both self taught artists and craft interpreters at the Ozark Folk Center State Park. Charles spent the first 40 years of his career as a woodcarver. He now casts ornaments using hand carved molds. He also makes wire rings. Linda spent a few years as a woodcarver and then moved into jewelry, first doing fabrication and casting but now spends her time making wire wrapped jewelry.

Charles uses hand carved wooden molds to create his ornaments. The metal he is pouring is an alloy called babbitt. He also makes wire rings to order. Linda creates one of a kind jewelry pieces using silver or gold wire, and gemstones, coins, or old buttons, and more.

Charles and Linda have two studios, one at home and one at the Ozark Folk Center. The home studio is a converted garage. “We use it mostly in the evenings and the winter season.” Charles creates wire rings using silver wire and stones and beads. He will have ornaments available and will show folks his hand carved molds and explain the casting process. Linda creates one of a kind jewelry pieces from either silver or gold wire. She binds the wire together, wrapping and twisting the wire around stones or coins.


DIRECTIONS: Our studio is located at 428 Massey Avenue. From the courthouse square, drive east on Main Street until you reach the stop light. Take the left turn lane and turn onto highways 5,9,&14. Just past the Pizza Hut, turn left onto Massey Avenue. Stay on Massey until you reach 428 Massey. We are on the left in a white house with rock trim. We have an easy access circle drive.

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