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David & Becki Dahlstedt – Mountain View Pottery

DahlstedtSquarePotters David and Becki Dahlstedt came to Mountain View via separate paths which converged in 1984 at the Ozark Folk Center where David had been the potter for 6 years. Together they continued to demonstrate pottery at the Folk Center for 12 years before establishing a studio adjacent to their home located near the downtown area of Mountain View. This was accomplished with assistance from an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Arkansas Arts Council which David received in 1990. Combining their talents, skills, and interests, the Dahlstedts have established a full time pottery business, producing an extensive line of functional pottery, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces which provide a constant challenge.

David makes both functional and decorative pots. Most of his pots are rooted in function as that is the tradition he finds most satisfying. An elaborate teapot can make an artistic statement and still be used to steep and pour tea. David’s work has been included in many regional shows and is sold in galleries throughout the state. Becki makes pots as well but spends most of her time glazing the couple’s work using multiple glaze application techniques to achieve their trademark blended earth tones.

David is the potter-in-residence at the Arkansas Craft School and teaches spring and fall classes at the school’s studio located in downtown Mountain View next to the Arkansas Craft Gallery, where the Dahlstedts sell their pottery. Becki is the coordinating volunteer manager of the Gallery and a member of the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Craft Guild.

The Dahlstedts share their home and studio with 2 dogs and 4 cats (population subject to change!!).



The Dahlstedt’s studio is located three blocks west of the Court Square at 511 Jackson Street between Knox and Union Ave.

Head west on Main Street from the Court Square.

Turn right off Main Street just past the City Hall building at Lancaster Ave. (Hwy. 87) and make an immediate left onto Jackson St.

Proceed 1-1/2 blocks to 511 Jackson St. on the left.



  1. Where to buy your pottery and do you ship. Thank you

  2. My husband and I visited Mountain View this past weekend and purchased three pieces of your pottery. It is truly the most beautiful pottery I have ever seen. I was so impressed that I found your home and knocked on your door. You were not home. Did not mean to intrude on your privacy. Just wanted to meet two talented and creative people. I look forward to buying more of your pottery.

  3. I love your pottery! I first saw it at crystal bridges. Finally called them and ordered 2 pieces.I can’t find any where to see prices to purchase more. I loved the small flower pots with the curved handle, but someone beat me to it.Thank you, Teresa Coleman 423 503 4984

  4. Saw their work years ago on the tour and came back to purchase our centerpiece surface mount sink for our new home. Everyone comments on its beauty and where we got it. Since have been many times, always acquiring new pieces. The coloration is my favorite.

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