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Jim Cushing

JimCushingSquareFor many years Carolyn and I collaborated on making duck decoys. Carolyn has continued her art interest by painting on canvas. I recently discovered glass fusion and became intrigued with the possibilities and challenges of glass as the other state of matter. Glass is hard yet brittle. It is neither fluid nor solid. Fusing glass requires precision and experimentation due to the high heat and exacting control of time at specific temperatures.

To make fused glass jewelry, various colors of glass sheets, powders, stringers, beads, and shards are layered together to create a design. The layers are fired in a kiln at temperatures up to 1,500 degrees F to melt and bond the glass together. The glass is then cooled slowly to anneal the glass. I use glass which is handmade using formulas and processes developed in my studio, some involving as many as five fuse firings to create the desired movement, richness, and depth. Decorative techniques used include bubble trapping, painting and drawing with powdered glass frit, and using metal inclusions. The glass is cut and ground to shape and polish fired one last time. Depending on the finished product, the piece is grooved or drilled using special tools. Finally, precious metal wire is used to hand make artistic findings to accentuate the glass and make a wearable piece of jewelry.



From the traffic light in Mountain View take highways 5, 9 and 14 North about 5 miles to the junction, where the highways split (at Anglers).

Take highway 9 East (towards Melbourne) and cross the White River bridge and take the first road left, (North) and you will be on North Riverview.

You will travel about a block when you will jog to the left and then take a quick right.

Our brick home is the second lot on the left hand side of the road, at 164 North Riverview.

Handicap entry is available.


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  1. I have six decoys I bought from you years ago. They are works of art. My cell 936-672-6647 would like to talk about them, would never sell them.

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