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Joe Bruhin – Fox Mountain Pottery

BruhinSquareWelcome to my home and studio. I established Fox Mountain Pottery in 1986 and have been earning my livelihood with wood fired pottery ever since. When I’m working, I have only one focus, BEAUTY!!! I don’t think there is a formula for that, but for me being a potter it seems to require a natural setting, a spiritual practice, a sincerity and yearning, a working with spontaneity and a kiln fueled with wood.

Presently I use two wood kilns for expression and to bring my efforts to fruition. A few years ago I built a new kiln in order to deliver my vision. This kiln is called an Anagama, which translates to cave or hole kiln, it is half buried underground and measures forty foot long. It requires ten days of constant attending and 10 – 12 cords of split pine to complete one firing. The works from this kiln have a natural glaze, no applied glaze is applied. The color and texture is caused by the climate, age and type of wood being used, atmospheric conditions inside the kiln, placement of the works, wood ash from the burning fuel melting into the clay, fire flashing the work and coals being maintained on the pots themselves. The blending of these variables results in endless variety of effects. Wood Firing is an evolving practice, one must be fully present and aware to keep the work fresh and spirited. There is great risk involved in wood firing but the rewards can be great as well. You can say that my pots are offerings or prayers and the kiln the temple to manifest them. My goal and ideal is to make objects that have a transcending quality that possibly can inspire another human being, bring a little joy or add a positive presence to one’s home.

My older kiln called a Noborigama, which means multi chambered also gives natural glaze works, but I also apply glaze and brush work to selected pieces. This kiln is fired for four days. When I first started wood firing my firings were completed in 30 hours. Then I fired the kiln 3 – 4 times a year. More recently I have only one firing per year due to the labor intensive process and effort required. In the future I hope to have 2-3 firings a year.

My work has been recognized through awards, museum exhibitions, collections, publications and film. Spring of 2007 I was honored to have my first one-person exhibition at the museum level at the Arkansas Arts Center. I’m grateful for the ever-growing recognition I receive, but what is most gratifying is when my efforts to manifest beauty touches the heart of another human being.

I look forward to meeting everyone in this natural setting where I live and work and wish you all a wonderful experience in taking in the Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour.

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From 107 W Main St, Mountain View, AR 72560 Depart AR-66 / W Main St drive 14.8 mi

Bear right onto AR-9 / AR-263 1.3 mi

Turn right onto AR-263 4.5 mi

Turn left onto Meadow Creek Rd 0.4 mi

Turn left onto Red River Rd 3.1 mi

Arrive at 3109 Red River Rd, Fox, AR 72051

The last intersection is Whipple Ridge Rd If you reach McElroy Rd, you’ve gone too far

Bruhin’s Studio 3253 Red River Rd, Fox



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  1. Hi, heard a lot about your pottery shop. Plan on stopping in this summer to see what you do. Ayna Bruhin is my daughter’s teacher at Pea Ridge High. My daughter love ceramics because of her. She thinks Mrs. Bruhin is the greatest.

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