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Joining the Tour

Every year, we accept applications from artisans in the region. Our criteria is as follows:


  1. Is the artist’s studio located within 30 miles of the Court House square in Mountain View?
  2. Does the artist’s studio fit within the existing geographical structure of the tour (see last year’s Tour Guide book for current map)?
  3. Is the studio accessible to the public and provide the visitor with an understanding of the process used to create the work?
  4. Are all stages of the work visible in the studio for the visitor to see?


  1. Does the work of the artist duplicate that of any artist currently included in the tour?
  2. Does the work add to the diversity of crafts on the tour?


  1. The body of work must indicate a consistent technical proficiency with the medium and demonstrate an understanding of design.
  2. The body of work must reflect a coherent individual style and originality.
  3. Works using prefabricated materials must reflect a creative element that is more than the sum of the parts.

If you feel your studio and your work meets these criteria and you want to join us on the tour, feel free to download our application by clicking on the following link:

It’s only available as a Word document as we request that the document be filled out and emailed back to us. If you cannot read this format, please contact Shawn Hoefer (email address below) for additional options.

If you have questions about the process, feel free to email, or give him a call at 870-213-6692.