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Mahdee & Peggy Raiees-Dana – Earth Art and Foods

peggy leaf squareMahdee & Peggy started their homestead here on the foothills of the Ozarks in mid-1980’s with a purchase of 37 acres of land that previously belonged to a timber management company. The project began by establishing a road to the property and utilizing the trees (mostly oak) to build our log home; using basic hand tools. All the cabinetry, original windows and some of the furniture were built on site upon running electricity to the property. They began the two story timber frame shop and studio construction in 2010. The foundation consist of rocks gathered from surrounding area and hand-poured cement floor.

Mahdee is a self-taught woodworker with experience in cabinetry and furniture making. All of his furniture designs are original collector’s items; since his projects are not reproduced using the same variations.

They grow Shiitake mushrooms on logs; the production is dependent on weather conditions. Peggy is a self-taught craft-person experienced in making projects with wood, mosaic, concrete among others materials. The couple also makes skin-specific natural soap and sells them in the USA, Canada and Germany.


DIRECTIONS: The drive is approximately 27 miles (45 minutes). Head south on Hwy. 14. Turn left towards Guion Hwy 58. Once crossing white river, go through Guion up steep hill. Once you begin to descend down the hill look to the right for West Road. (If you see “Brooks Tractor and Implements”, you went past West Road by ¼ miles.) Turn right on West Road and travel about 1/10 miles. New Home Baptist Church on left, across from it, Lafferty Road (this is a dirt road and you will be travelling approximately 2.7 miles on it). Turn right onto Lafferty road and travel approximately 2.7 miles. There are two roads that fork to the right from begin-ning of Lafferty to our home (stay on Lafferty. Use the forks as a reference). The first fork is County road 156 approximately ¼ miles. The second fork, County Road 155, appears approximately 1/10 of mile away from us. Once you pass the second fork, we are the first driveway to the left. Once you get to the top of the driveway, turn right until you arrive at the house.

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