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Paul Gillam, Jr. and Paul Gillam, Sr. – Blue Mountain Woodworks

GilliamSquareWe make our living woodworking. This isn’t a hobby or added income. We work full time woodworking. We start with either logs or rough cut lumber, dry the lumber to proper moisture content, then plane and edge the lumber. From this point we select the board for whatever project we are making.

Our designs are all our own using the best joinery for the style and look we are trying to achieve. We work closely with our customers to ensure they get the product they are wanting. Many of our designs follow the function of the piece of furniture. We make our products to be used. Our furniture will last at least a lifetime.

Everything we build is individually constructed allowing us to vary anything from the wood used to the size of the piece. Whether it be a kitchen table or a cutting board, we take pride in the fact that they are made to last while being pleasing to the eye. Check out our website for more information and pictures at

Work, techniques and material: We make wood products including furniture, cabines, cutting boards and bowls. Almost all our products are made from locally grown white oak, hickory, walnut, cherry and cedar. We maintain our own kiln for drying our wood. We use several finishes including an all natural FDA- approved finish for food surfaces.

Process, technique and materials that make our work unique: We use various types of joinery in our furniture. Dovetailed corners, mortise and tenon, sliding dovetails, half lap joint, depending on the application. We use lumber cut at local sawmills in Stone and Searcy Counties. Any joint that is glued together is left in glueing clamps for a full 24 hours for added strength. All wood is individually selected depending on use.

Education/Training: Paul Sr. received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Pittburg State University in 1970. Woodworking had been a hobby till he worked at the Ozark Folk Center, mostly in the furniture shop, using hand tools making chairs, etc. In 1987 he opened the current shop making various craft items. This evolved into cabinets and furniture. Paul Jr. grew up around the wood shop. Also he worked construction for several years, followed by several years sanding swords for Hollow Earth Swords.

Development of work and design origin: We started by making small craft items which quickly led to furniture and cabinets. We make functional items. Our design is derived from the “form follows function” concept. The artistic portion of our work comes from within our own minds. Our joinery processes come from the strongest joints for the particular application. We use dovetails, mortise & tenon, half laps, butt joints, and biscuit joinery to ensure a quality product.

You can keep in touch and see more of our work on our Facebook page and shop year around on our Etsy store. call us at 870-746-4764.



107 W Main St, Mountain View, AR 72560

Depart AR-66 / W Main St toward Franklin Ave

12.1 mi

Turn left onto Blue Mountain Rd

0.6 mi

Arrive at Blue Mountain Woodworks Studio 2457 Blue Mountain Rd, Timbo, AR 72680

If you reach Newnata Cutoff, you’ve gone too far



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