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Russ and Beverly Wilhite

Russ Wilhite

“Russ” was born in St. Louis, MO in 1922 and then moved to Memphis where he showed promise at an early age as an artist. A local organization, dedicated to promoting the arts gave him a scholarship to attend the Memphis Academy of Arts in the late 1930′s. His work and travels have taken him to such widely diverse places as New York, Rome and Tokyo, Japan. Newspapers, television stations, advertising agencies, animation studios and private collectors have bought his work.

wilhiteRuss has narrowed his activities in the art field down to making his own gallery wrap frames, streching the canvas and finally painting the canvas surface with acrylic paint. His favorite subjects at present are centered on Banjo, Gituar and Fiddle figures who may be human, animal or even insect. This allows room for humor and bright colors and most of all affords him the opportunity to doe his work in a sataisfying and enjoyable manner.

Beverly Wilhite

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee where my love for art led me to take many private lessons and work shops. I also studied with other artists in Paris, France.

I have worked for 23 years as a visual artist and interior decorator, which influences my love of vibrant color, stylized design in painting. I am currently working in acryics, but will use any medium to make my work more interesting to others. I particularly love to paint large flowers and pretty ladies from the 20′s and 30′s.

After marrying Russ nearly four years ago, we are making our home in beautiful Mountain View. We chose to renovate an orginal old homestead that was on our property for our studio. We would like to invite you to come see our work place, view art and enjoy some refresments.



From 107 W Main St, Mountain View drive east on E Main St 0.6 mi and keep straight onto AR-5 / AR-14 / E Main St for 1.7 mi

Turn right onto AR-5 0.4 mi

Arrive at 344 AR-5, Mountain View on the right.

If you reach Mill Pond Rd, you’ve gone too far.



  1. I have recently discovered the Wilhite ‘ work and I am absolutely IN LOVE. I saw the art work for the first time in Madison, GA. My aunt has 8 paintings displayed throughout her home. She had promised to leave these paintings to me in her will but conserving her excellent health it may be a while before I get these beautiful paintings in my home (haha). My favorite paintings are the scenic ones. I just adore the bearded man that appears in several of them. I currently live in NC and would love to have some of these beautiful paintings displayed in my home. The art work truly speaks to my soul and I feel happy when viewing them. I can’t imagine u would ever grow tired of looking at them. Can someone please contact me and let me know how I can purchase some for my home?

    Thank you

  2. I have followed Russ and Beverly for years and have 8 or 9 of Russ’s paintings in my house. They make me so happy and reflect my love of music and the folks that “hang” around music from the dancers to the players! I lived in Arkansas most of my life, but now I am in Washington state and still attend the “off the Beaten Path” art show in Mountain View AR. You never know what wonderful treasure you will find at the studio tour!

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