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Shawn Hoefer & Jeanette Larson – Laffing Horse & Common Threads

HoeferSquareIf you want to see the creative process all the way from growing the materials through a beautiful, finished, usable handcrafted piece, you’ll find it on Havencroft Farm, home of broom squire Shawn Hoefer and spinner/weaver Jeanette Larson.

Jeanette and Lamb

Jeanette and Lamb

Shawn Hoefer makes brooms that are a work of art. He has won the National Craft Broom Championship in Arcola, Illinois twice and his apprentices have won as well. He crafts his brooms on locally grown hardwood handles, some from the woodlot on the farm, and hand ties the sweep to make a broom that is not only something you’ll want to display, it will also sweep your floors clean for years. He dyes his own colored broom corn to make
each broom unique.

The sheep grazing the front yard and the goats browsing the back hill provide the fiber for Jeanette Larson’s cozy shawls and comfy rugs. She spins her yarns and weaves
the wool and mohair in their home on the farm. She dyes her own fiber and can tell you which sheep grew the wool for each piece. Her work has been featured in SpinOff magazine. Both Shawn and Jeanette have had their work featured at Crystal Bridges Art Museum Gift Shop.

When visiting their studios, you’ll see the weavings in progress on the various looms, meet the sheep and goats, watch some broom making and witness the creative process first hand. They’ll have their rugs, shawls and brooms for sale, too.

Eclectic? Perhaps. Fun? Certainly. Boring? Never! Visit us at


From Stone County District Court at 107 W Main St, Mountain View, AR Depart AR-66 / W Main St and drive  2.5 mi

Arrive at 17467 AR-66, Mountain View, AR 72560 on the left

If you reach Oak Grove Loop, you’ve gone too far.

Shawn and Jeanette

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Shawn and Jeanette 35.866806, -92.160960 Common Threads Fiber Arts & Laffing Horse Brooms and Woodworking Sheep and goats and a llama, too! 870-269-6808 Link to Page


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