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Yun Kim

From South Korea to the Ozarks, her love for creating art goes with her.Community Barn watercolor2

Yun Kim, who prefers to be called Kim, says I began taking painting lessons in the third grade. In highschool and university in South Korea, I studied everything from drawing to sculpture.

I came from South Korea to New Jersey in 1988, met my future husband Bobby Hensley, owned several business, and then moved to Arkansas in 2008. I joined the Mountain View Art Guild in 2009, after 40 years of not making any art. I haven’t stopped since.

Awards include:

  • Best of Show at the Spring River Arts Show
  • Prizes in the Area Art Club competition in Mountain Home
  • Honors at the Arkansas Heritage Art Show


  • The Ozark Folk Center Art Cabin
  • Arkansas Craft Gallery

I often paint at home while listening to music. It helps soothe my soul. I take photos outdoors to serve as inspiration for painting, but I paint indoors out of the sun and wind. Oil, water color, acrylic, or pastel – I like them all. As for subjects, I paint whatever I think is beautiful.

My studio is a 432 square foot converted garage. It was recently remodeled to give me the atmosphere I needed to create my art. It is handicapped accessible and there is plenty of parking space.



Directions: Start going west on W Main St/AR 66 toward Peabody Avenue. Turn right onto Lancaster Ave/AR-87. Mountain View City Hall is on the right. If you reach Brewer Ave you’ve gone a little too far. Turn left onto Gaylor St/AR-87. Continue to follow AR-87 for 4.2 miles. 3481 Highway 87 is on the left. If you reach County Road 115, you’ve gone about .7 miles too far.

Link to full map


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